Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance needs to be considered by everybody in possession of a valid South African driver’s licence.

Even when you pay cash for a new or used vehicle, and you are a safe driver on public roads, you are at great financial risk if you do not have motor vehicle insurance cover.

Why do you need Motor vehicle insurance?

Simply for peace of mind.

Should you be involved in an accident and you do not have insurance it does not matter whether you drive an old or a new vehicle – it is going to cost you. You will be held responsible for your, as well as the other person’s damages should you have been the cause of the accident. It can run into astronomical amounts, which can financially ruin you.

What else motor vehicle insurance covers to give you peace of mind:

Presently, personal safety is a factor in South Africa; as much as vehicle theft and hijacking is a reality. Any fire and hail damages will also be covered.

It is human to think:

“Chances are slim that I shall be involved in an accident as I drive very carefully …”

“Nobody will steal my car…”

“My vehicle will never catch fire…”

“It is unlikely that hail will ever damage my car…”

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What types of motor vehicle insurance are available?
There are three types available:

1. Third party, fire and theft coverage:
The third party’s damages will be covered in full, but not yours. However, your vehicle is covered in full in case of fire or theft.

2. Comprehensive coverage:
This covers your own as well as the other person’s damages in full.

3. Third party coverage:
In case of an accident this covers only the other person’s damages.



 Epic Wealth can immediately provide you with quotes from various companies, either for third party or comprehensive coverage.

What is the extra payment?

It is an amount that is paid by yourself at first when you institute a claim. The main reason for this extra payment is to limit unnecessary claims. However, you have a choice. The larger your extra payments the lower will be your premiums. We can even structure your policy in such a way that at a nominal monthly payment you make no extra payments.

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What is a “no-claim bonus” in motor vehicle insurance?

For each claim free year of insurance you earn a point that qualifies you for a discount on your monthly premiums. The larger your no-claim bonus, the lower your monthly premiums will be.

The maximum no-claim bonus is normally 5 years. Some companies may apply it after 7 years. 

Should you claim, your no-claim bonus will be adjusted accordingly.

Windshield and other motor window insurance

Your motor’s windshield and other windows are automatically covered by your insurance cover. Should you have to replace it an extra payment will be payable that varies from company to company. Should you, however, have your windshield or windows repaired instead of replaced an extra payment would normally not be charged. Claims in this category would normally not affect your no-claim bonus.

How monthly premiums in motor vehicle insurance are determined.

The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • The replacement value of your motor vehicle;
  • Whether the vehicle is used for private purposes or for business;
  • The area where you reside;
  • The type of insurance, whether comprehensive or third party;
  • Security; 
  • Date of issue of driver’s licence;
  • Whether you are a regular driver. The age of the regular driver plays an important role in the determination of the premium; and
  • No-claim bonus.

Ways in which to save money on your monthly motor insurance premium:

  • Get Epic Wealth to obtain the most competitive quotes that will meet your requirements and to manage your portfolio thereafter; 
  • Ensure that all insured items are insured at the correct replacement value;
  • All items must be listed and insured in the correct sections. In other words your policy must be structured correctly;
  • Your no-claim bonus must be borne in mind at all times;
  • Obtain different quotes from different insurers and compare them carefully. Do not accept the first quote that is offered to you. Ensure that you understand what you are covered for; 
  • Review your insurance policies at least once a year and apply the necessary depreciation of motor vehicles and other items;
  • Security of motor vehicles and buildings plays a prominent role in determining insurance premiums;
  • Take out your household and motor vehicle insurance at the same insurer;
  • Lower monthly insurance premiums are guaranteed by a good insurance record; and
  • Do not claim unnecessary – once again, remember your no-claim bonus!

We, at Epic Wealth, will adjust your vehicle’s depreciated value each year that will automatically lower your premiums.

Added Value Products (Extras)

At a nominal monthly payment you can obtain the following Added Value Products for more ease of mind:

Road assistance for your vehicle in case of the need for assistance for any of the following:

  • Flat or run down battery;
  • Flat tyre;
  • Keys locked inside the vehicle;
  • Stranded without fuel; or
  • Broken down vehicle and tow in is required;

It is as easy to obtain assistance as it is to call the ‘call centre’ and to inform them of your plight. They will ensure that assistance will be on its way soon.

Vehicle rental 
Epic Wealth can add vehicle rental to your policy. It is essential should your vehicle need repairs after an accident and you do not have alternate means of transportation.

Route directions
Obtain route directions from point A to B telephonically, fax or sms.

Can a caravan, motorboat or trailer also be insured?
Most definitely, yes. The requirements are very much the same as for motor vehicle insurance.

For any enquiries contact Epic Wealth and we will assist to structure your policies to meet your personal requirements with care free and instant quotes.