About Epic Wealth

Epic Wealth is an authorised financial service provider.

Epic Wealth is an authorised financial service provider, registered with the Financial Services Board as well as the Council for Medical Schemes. We are accredited and contracted with more than 10 of the top rated approved Medical Aid Schemes in the country.  We prefer to refer to our self as Medical Aid Assist because it is in short the essence of what we do. We assist clients with their Medical Aid and take the headache out of the administration of Medical Aid. 
Our prerogative is to take ownership of a client’s medical aid challenges offering them ongoing service with any of their medical aid requirements and / or queries. We also assist them in choosing the correct Medical Aid Option which will most of all fulfill their needs and ensure best premiums for the maximum benefits.
As medical aid specialists, we are governed by the Financial Services Board ensuring that sound advice and service is provided at all times. Our knowledge would enable us to advise you on a suitable medical aid, best suiting your needs and offering you value for money as well as other Financial Services. Epic Wealth is 100% acquainted with the Medical Aid Act, thereby enabling us to act on behalf of our clients in terms of their rights.  

Our executive team looks after the Risk and Wealth clients. It is always better to have personal hands on approach with such important clients.