Critical Illness Benefits

Epic Wealth Pty Ltd offers a variety of Critical Illness Benefits;
There is a choice of four critical illness benefits:

  • Comprehensive Critical Illness Benefit
  • Comprehensive Critical Illness Plus Benefit
  • Elevated Comprehensive Critical Illness Benefit
  • Elevated Comprehensive Critical Illness Plus Benefit

The plus benefits cover “smaller” events with payouts of 5%, 10% and 15%.The elevated benefit “elevates” the 50% and 75% claim categories to 100%.
ASISA standard on disclosures for critical illness products: The FSB and the Competition Commission gave South African life insurers the go-ahead to standardise certain disclosures to consumers, of when critical illness products will pay out. This takes the form of a “disclosure grid” underpinned by standard medical definitions to which companies will have to refer when they make the required disclosures and when a claim is assessed. The grid and the definitions were developed by members of the Standardised Critical illness Definitions Project (SCIDEP) committee.
Accidental HIV Benefit: will pay the full benefit amount as a lump sum if the insured life accidentally contracts HIV.