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What is Vitality and how does it work?

Vitality is a scientifically formulated wellness program offered by Discovery. It aims to assist you in living a healthier lifestyle by incentivising you with a range of lifestyle rewards. By engaging in certain health-related activities and assessments you are awarded points. As you earn a certain number of points, you are awarded a higher Vitality “status”. The higher your status, the higher the level of rewards you are offered by Discovery.


Determining the Vitality points you need to earn

  Blue status Bronze status Silver status Gold status Diamond status
1 Adult on policy 0 15 000 35 000 45 000

Reach Gold for 3 consecutive years

2 Adults on policy 0 30 000 70 000 90 000
3 Adults on policy 0 40 000 90 000 120 000
4 Adults on policy 0 50 000 110 000 150 000
5 Adults on policy 0 60 000 130 000 180 000

Things you should know about Vitality points

  • An "adult" for the purposes of Vitality is anyone over 18
  • Vitality points reset on 1 January each year
  • When you earn a Vitality status, it is valid until the end of the following year
  • You have access to the rewards immediately but a higher status improves them


So what points can you earn?

Different activities will earn you different amounts of points. This page will give you an indication of the various activities and points on offer. Please note this does not include all points on offer, for full details, please visit for details.

Getting to Gold is easier than you think

Below is an example of an individual member’s path to Gold Vitality status. Make the program your own and set your personal goals to maximise your Vitality experience.
Activity Points per person
Blue Vitality Status 0
Online Fitness Assessment 1 000
Online Personal Health Review 2 000
Online Non-smoker’s Declaration 5 000
Online Stress Center completion 2 500
HIV Screening 5 000
Bronze Vitality Status reached 15 500
Vitality partner pharmacy screenings” “Vitality Check” 7 000
“Vitality Check” results in acceptable range – boosters * 7 000
Vitality Fitness Assessment 7 500
Silver Vitality status reached 37 000
Second Vitality Fitness Assessment 7 500
Vitality Nutrition Assessment 5 000
Gold Vitality status reached 49 500
* Points indicated are dependent on test results and may vary dependant on results

Bonus tip: Your children can also earn Vitality points. Visit to find out more

Rewards time…

The point of Vitality is to get you excited about taking positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Below are some of the fantastic rewards on offer.

Virgin Active or Planet Fitness Pay a once-off joining fee for main member and spouse and receive an 80% reduced monthly fee
Weigh-Less Achieve your goal weight by joining Weigh-Less at a 30% discount
Sterkinekor Watch Sterkinekor movies for below half price. Kids between 2 and 17 years of age can watch movies for free after completing an online children’s wellness questionnaire
Pick and Pay and Woolworths HealthyFood Save of up to 25% on HealthyFood™ items at Pick and Pay or Woolworths
Clicks HealthyCare benefit
Get up to 25% cash back on all HealthyCare
products and get between 5% and 15% Clicks
Cash-back Rewards on all products at Clicks.
HealthyGear with Adidas
And Totalsports
Get up to 25% cash back on all HealthyGear
at adidas and Totalsports
Curves No registration fee - pay only the monthly fee
Run/Walk For Life Up to 80% Savings
Smokenders or Allen Carr’s Easyway Up to 80% Savings

Rewards time…

VitalityMobile-Connecting Vitality members through free calls and boosted data

Step 1:
Choose your cellphone and contract through Cell C
Step 2:
Activate VitalityMobile for R29 a month and call other VitalityMobile members for free

Rewards that grow with your Vitality status

The rewards below are available to you immediately. You will see however that they improve dramatically as your Vitality status goes up.

  Blue Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
15% 20% 25% 35%  
15% 20% 25% 35%  
15% 20% 25% 35%  
15%* 18%* 19%* 22%*  
15%* 18%* 19%* 22%*  
15%* 18%* 19%* 22%*  
  30% 35% 40% 50%  
8% 10% 15% 25%  
5% 7% 9% 15%  
*This travel reward is dependent on you having a Discovery credit card

Other ways you can use Vitality