Legal Liability

Personal legal liability

What is Personal legal liability?

Old Arthur has been your neighbour for many, many years. The two of you are not really friends, but you wave a ‘hi’ to each other when you happen to be in the garden at the same time.

As you and old Arthur aged as the years went by, so his little oak grew into a formidable tree. As the tree spread over the fence so did its roots underground causing considerable damage to the foundations of your buildings. All your pleas that Arthur should have the tree removed fell on deaf ears. The tree did not bother him in the least and he enjoyed the shade. According to him, it was your problem; and you had to do something about it yourself.

The final argument in the shade of the old oak ended ugly, and paved the way for a drawn out and what must have been a lucrative court case for the lawyers. The court, after what felt like ages, found in your favour. Arthur had to have the tree removed, reimburse your damages and pay your costs as well as his own.

Fortunately for him, old Arthur had his insurance broker, Epic Wealth, in his corner. At least he did not go bankrupt as he had the vision and wisdom to incorporate coverage for personal liability claims in his short term insurance policy. 

However, sad to say, your friendship did not survive the ordeal.

Public legal liability

Imagine this: you are eagerly awaiting the postman to bring your latest edition of ‘You’. Peeking through the window you see him coming down the street. As you open the front door to go out to meet him, Rover, your Rottweiler, beats you to it; not to greet the postman, but to assert himself. No one just comes into his territory on his watch.

Who is at fault? Rover – and the postman, was doing their jobs. Rover cannot be held liable for the postman’s damages, injuries and medical expenses. The public liability coverage in your short term policy will take care of that.


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