Medical Aid Compare Options

Fully Comprehensive Cover

Fully comprehensive cover provides cover with extensive benefits for both hospitalisation and day to day benefits. Providing complete peace of mind, fully comprehensive cover is designed to include a number of additional benefits that enhances your medical aid plan. This cover offers an exceptional choice for those who want appropriate cover at highly affordable rates. 

Different full comprehensive cover is available depending on the monthly premium and what you or your families needs are.


Comprehensive Cover

This cover is for individuals or families that need the peace of mind that they can visit their doctor, specialist,  dentist, optometrists, have tests done and buy medication and know that their medical aid will pay for all these things. They will also be able to go to any hospital and know that they will be assisted. 

Different  Medical Schemes have diffirent comprehensive options depending on the monthly premium and what you or your families needs are.


Hospital Plan

This cover is for individuals that want to know that they will be taken care of in hospital only. 
Hospital Plans do not cover day to day benefits. 

Hospital Plans are ideal for young people that aren’t sickly and don’t mind paying for their Doctors visits from their pocket. 

Network Options

Medical Aid should be accessible to every one including the lower income groups. 
There are limits to Network Options, but it is the Medical Schemes way of helping the lower income groups to be able to afford basic medical aid cover, in hospital and have day to day benefits like visiting a doctors, specialist,  dentist, optometrists, having tests done and buying medication.

Medical aid schemes that offer Networks options have contracted hospitals, doctors, specialists, dentists, optometrists and pharmacies that needs to be used in order to benefit from this option.